15 Steps for Office Products Resellers to Transform their Business

Over the past few months, one of our main blogging themes has been generating relevant traffic to office product resellers' websites through inbound digital marketing and quantifying the costs incurred and resources required for building a successful program. This latest blog post has been created to summarize this material into a custom infographic visually.

There are three stages to a Digital Business Transformation:

  • Build the Foundation
  • Information technology and actionable business intelligence
  • Leveraging the Platform with Inbound Digital Marketing


Some may view these three stages and fifteen steps as overwhelming. It's no easy task, but there's no way to implement a successful transformation without investing time and hard work. However, the stakes are high, and for those still seeking an office products growth opportunity, there's little alternative but to go down the digital transformation path.

The bottom line is that this is how business is being increasingly conducted. Stick with the old analog methods and continue to see your business erode as digital competitors chip away at your existing customer base. Start to implement your digital business transformation strategy, win new customers, and participate in improving the future of office products and supplies dealerships.

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