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Monthly Subscription for 2CLIXZ Full FQ

The Full FQ module is necessary for a dealer intending to manage a customer hierarchy. In addition to enabling a dealer to manage a customer hierarchy, Full FQ permits other 2CLIXZ features to be deployed. Some (such as budgets) are included in the standard FFQ fee, and others, such as the 2CLIXZ Shop, Contracts, and JIT-R, are enabled once FFQ is subscribed but require payment of additional fees to access.

Monthly Subscription for JIT-R/AutoFill

The JIT-R program is linked to the ink and toner supplies cabinet and is designed to help customers ensure cartridges are depleted to zero before being replaced. The 2CLIXZ App supports a system for managing the on-premise inventory of ink and toner associated with the client's printer and copier assets.

Monthly Subscription for JIT-R/AutoFill Licenses (Bundle 100 Units)

100 JIT-R/AutoFill Licenses

Monthly Subscription to Connect 2CLIXZ Shop to Corporate Ecommerce Catalog

Connecting your Digitol Store to the 2CLIXZ Mobile App means your customers can scan a QR label and order directly from the Mobile App at the contracted price without searching for the right product on your web browser portal. This saves time and ensures the business associated with the asset is more likely to be converted to your dealership.