I don’t think too many small to medium size businesses will be too eager to invest in transforming their business unless they have some idea of the projected outcome. In our evaluations of many small independent resellers of office products and supplies we have determined there’s not much time devoted to business planning, budgeting and strategy. Usually it’s a case of day-to-day survival.

Recognizing this as just the way it is we have invested our time to developing a proprietary business projection modeling tool. This facilitates the small business owner to plug in their trailing 12-month financial data and to create a baseline four-year business projection. Based on the authors knowledge of the industry and the expected market decline then the 4-year outlook on the baseline business is most likely negative.

4-years of market decline and price compression totaling 5% per year combined with a similar level of customer churn halves a business size over a 4-year period!

The model then facilitates layering in a digital strategy using social media and content driven marketing to drive relevant website traffic. A portion of the traffic is converted to leads which are then nurtured through the sales funnel until a portion of them become customers.

See our Lead Generation Model and calculator in action and experiment with different customer churn rates alongside different conversion rates through the sales funnel.  See the dramatic impact these have on the total amounts of traffic required to achieve intended sales goals.

Most small business owners will concede they don’t have the analytical or financial skills to create a 4-year plan of this quality. An outside consultant would cost thousands of dollars to generate a plan and would be unlikely to have the 35-years of relevant experience held by the model developer and author!

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The Business Projection Model – Baseline

The Business Projection Model – New Business Development

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