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Platform businesses that bring together manufacturers and consumers, as Uber and Airbnb do, are increasing their market shares and transforming competition. Traditional businesses that fail to embrace platforms and to learn the new rules of strategy will most likely fail.

Platforms have existed for years. Malls link consumers and merchants; newspapers connect subscribers and advertisers. What’s changed over the last decade is that information technology has profoundly reduced the need to own physical infrastructure and assets.

Platforms are transforming competition and differ greatly from traditional “pipeline” businesses that have existed since the industrial revolution. Pipeline businesses create value by controlling a linear series of activities. Inputs at one end (raw materials) undergo a series of steps that transform them into a product that’s worth more – i.e. an ink or laser cartridge. When platforms enter a pipeline business, the platform business almost inevitably wins. That’s why pipeline giants such as Walmart, Nike, John Deere, and GE are all scrambling to incorporate platforms into their models.

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