The Digitol Partnership

Our program has been developed as a partnership designed to keep you at the forefront of internet technology – you commit to a minimum of 12-months and then continue for as long as you want to.

we are industry experts

Through our partnership you will

  • operate with a forward-looking plan
  • monitor the development of social audiences across various social media platforms or their level of engagement with that audience
  •  have targets for developing their e-mail contact audience
  •  structure e-mail campaigns around an “educational” message and a “sales” message
  •  write and publish content to educate the target audience by using a blogging platform

A key step in our program is the development of a four-year plan.  In doing so we create many key-performance indicators (KPIs) that enable us to measure your performance against the baseline plan. Once you’ve completed the on-boarding process then we’ve established the foundation for our partnership. We’re going to be by your side for a minimum of 12 months reporting your progress versus the plan and actively measuring against these 30+ KPIs. We’ll also be supporting you with frequent webinars and through participation in our private Facebook forum group. You will see:

  • your social audience developing
  • engagement levels improving
  • email audience increasing
  • web traffic begin increasing

and you will become intimately familiar with the “open” and “click” rates on the email campaigns we conduct on your behalf.

we are here for you

trust in the strategic plan

These positive and vital developments may not lead to an immediate increase in your sales and profits and you may become disillusioned during this phase of your business transformation journey. Our research has shown many small businesses have started down the path of a digital transformation but that most of these businesses give up during this phase of the journey.

Don’t get discouraged! That’s why we are here for you. We’re going to help motivate you through this challenging phase and keep you on track to complete your digital transformation.

We are now accepting applications for our Exclusive Pilot Program.