Digitol Platform

We deliver a platform that fully integrates your website, customer relationship management, vendor and product management, marketing and decision management business tools all in one place.


What does this mean for you?
The more time you and your sales team can spend focusing on local audience building, lead conversions and maximizing revenue potential from your customers, the quicker you will achieve a business transformation.

Our comprehensive integrated platform is designed for developing sustainable web traffic and conducts sophisticated digital marketing campaigns behind the scenes. The content writing, publishing, and email marketing are done for you, leaving you the necessary time to focus on conducting commerce in your local market.

Your modern, fully responsive website is customizable with your team images, location, company background, contact information, and much more. Here is a look at our model, Middle Tennessee Office Products.
We partner with Power Ecommerce to provide you with seamless vendor/supplier integration from your dashboard. With data feeds from all the leading manufacturers and distributors, including images, descriptions, characteristics, and attributes you will have access to over 400,000 products to customize to your business.
Our partnership with PRM Hero provides you with powerful Ink Management Technology, a data collection agent for remote monitoring and auto-fulfillment. Your customers install the Data Collection Agent (DCA), a simple software widget on their network, providing a real-time view into the status of all devices. Now you have the data to more accurately and efficiently quote your customers’ resupply on a regular basis.

We are now accepting applications for our Exclusive Pilot Program.