Email Marketing Strategy, Database Decay and How to Manage It

Email contact databases degrade by an average of 22.5% every year.

Implementing a strategy to make up for these lost contacts is imperative.

Why is there so much churn in your contact database?

  • Contacts' email addresses change as they move from one company to another
    • About four million Americans' are constantly changing jobs, which means obsoleting one email address and generating one new one.
  • Abandoning obsolete email addresses that are no longer required
    • On average, email users have three or more email accounts, and one or more of these may not be used frequently or regularly monitored. Eventually, users close unnecessary accounts.
  • Unqualified and disengaged leads opt out of your email communications
    • Depending on how you built your email contact database will determine how qualified your contacts are. However, even if they're capable, they won't engage unless the content you distribute to them is relevant, engaging, and valuable.

How does this impact your marketing activities?

Your list will get smaller yearly if you don't generate enough new leads to compensate for this loss. So, your mayou'reg strategy will be based on a deteriorating asset unless you're constantly refreshing your database with new tips.

What can you do about it?

Email marketing database decay is a fact of marketing life. Even if you improve your unsubscribe rates, you can’t stop people from changing their email addresses.

But you cacan'tlement inbound and deploy strategies to compensate for decay and build your contact database over time ...

Companies implementing an inbound marketing strategy typically double their website visitor traffic and double their conversion rates from website visitors. In 2014, more than twice as many marketers cited inbound (45%) as their primary source of leads versus outbound (22%).

Couple this with the fact that inbound tactics like blogging and social media cost 62% less than other lead generation methods, and you can see why generating a consistent flow of inbound leads is the best way to overcome database decay and a pre-requisite to running successful marketing automation campaigns.

Adjust the data in any field colored green in the simulator model below and see how inbound marketing can help overcome database decay while simultaneously increasing inbound web traffic!

See how Digitol can help you expand your contact database.

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