QuickBooks Desktop Power Ecommerce Integration

$99.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

Full integration application for Power E-commerce and all Quickbooks Desktop versions

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Power E-commerce & All QuickBooks Desktop Versions – Systems Integration

  • Compatible with:
    • QuickBooks Pro Desktop
    • QuickBooks Premier Desktop
    • QuickBooks Accounting Desktop
    • QuickBooks Enterprise (all versions)

This is a full-featured integration tool connecting Power E-commerce and QuickBooks.

  • Auto-creates items and customers not already in your QuickBooks environment
  • Automatically transmits every Sales Order placed in the Power E-commerce portal into QuickBooks
  • Automatically transmits Purchase Orders back into PEC for transmission to suppliers by EDI
  • Runs in the background regardless of whether QuickBooks is open or closed on your desktop

Simple Setup (No coding experience required)

Place your order and receive your login credentials to our Digitol Admin portal:

Login and populate the following data fields:

  • Income account name
  • COGS account name
  • Asset account name
  • Handling Income account name
  • Shipping Income account name
  • Discounts Income account name
  • Enter the API Key and Portal ID # provided by Power E-commerce

Final Step: Install the QuickBooks Web Connector application from the provided link

Full instructions for setup are provided in the Digitol Admin Portal