Tri Resources

For more than 30 years TRI Resources has provided compatibility and cross-reference solutions for the imaging supplies industry. More than 100,000 hardware devices have been meticulously cross-referenced to their OEM and aftermarket consumable alternatives. The TRI Resources team has over 45 years of experience delivering reliable imaging supply data to businesses that serve to save them time and money.

Why is Cross-Referencing Printer & Copier Hardware to consumables so important?

Typically, the printer or copier user encounters friction points when the time comes to reorder supplies for a device. Not only is it possible to make mistakes and order the wrong, or sub-optimum supplies, time is inevitably wasted researching what supplies to reorder. Incorporating the Tri-Guide cross-data into the technology platform eliminates these customer friction points.

The Tri-Guide cross-referencing tables underlie the enhanced value of the Data Capture Agent now integrated with the Digitol platform. This combination enables the DCA to become one of the foundations of the Dealer's go-to-market strategy because it provides the dealer with information competitors do not have. This information is converted into actionable business intelligence designed to help monetize devices in the hierarchy.

Deploying the DCA into a client account automatically identifies printer and copier devices on the network and, in conjunction with the Tri-Guide provides a fast and efficient way to cross-reference the hardware to available consumable options. This simplifies the proposal process and provides the dealer with the ability to cost-effectively provide multiple options for consideration.