Get to Know your New Website

At the foot of this page is a 10-slide deck incorporating suggestions for interacting with your new website. By following these suggestions, you will get to know your website better.

Each employee should be encouraged to follow the activity instructions that have been provided and are designed to help everyone understand the technology deployed as well as the purpose of the technology. This activity will also familiarize everyone with the content on the site and help them recognize when it may be beneficial to provide a customer or prospect with a link to a piece of relevant educational content on the site.

Remember, your CRM will automatically record all the employees’ website activity. Offer a prize to the employee that visits the most pages, spends the most time on the site, fills in the most forms, shares content strategically and appropriately, etc.

Encourage employees to conduct this activity within a specified time frame, i.e., one week, and at the end of the week, send them a survey/questionnaire to get feedback about their experience.

Click this link for the "Get to Know Your Website" slide deck. The link will take you to a gallery of images that form a guide to help you learn about some of the website's main features. There is a link below the gallery that will bring you back to this section where you left off.

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